Monday, September 17, 2012

Poppy needs a home

Update (30/9/12)!
I am glad to announce that Poppy ( has found a loving family in Sydney, and after taking care of her for two weeks, Sesame and Chickpea can take a break from chasing and being chased by her.
Thanks for all who offered support - our only regret is that she didn't stay long enough for us to bring her to our next meeting so everyone could share her unique personality.
We'd especially like to extend our thanks to Astrid, who found her on the street and helped send an urgent S.O.S. (save our sausage) message. Thanks also to Sharman from dachshund rescue, whose amazing organisational skills help find the perfect home for Poppy.

Poppy (temporary name which she somewhat answers to) has been found on the streets and is now in the Canberra dog pound waiting for a family. She is a short haired dachshund (perhaps crossed with something else, but dachshund is the most prevalent), no more than 3 years old according to the vet, but we suspect much younger since she has some baby teeth.

Our group's Sesame and Chickpea will be taking her home from the pound and fostering her until such time that a caring family is found.

If you know anyone who can look after a gutsy littly sausage, please contact us or have them contact us by email and we can arrange an introduction. Poppy should come up on the dachshund rescue site on Thursday.

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